2nd Workshop on Swarm Physics and Gaseous Dielectrics

The second workshop on Swarm Physics and Gaseous Dielectrics (2nd SPGD) will be held on Monday, August 26th, during the SPIG2024 conference in Belgrade, Serbia. Leading specialists from universities, research laboratories, and funding agencies worldwide will gather for a meeting, where they will focus on swarm-based studies to advance and utilize gaseous dielectrics in high-voltage technology. The workshop is designed to examine experimental and theoretical methods for studying charged particle interactions with molecules, including scattering and transport, in both gaseous and condensed phases. Particular topics include the modelling of charged particle kinetics in low-temperature plasmas, focusing on techniques associated with the Boltzmann equation, Monte Carlo method, and fluid equation-based models. The workshop will consist of invited progress reports followed by a discussion session on topical issues and the future of the field. The workshop is supported by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, Grant No.7749560, project EGWIn.


  • Miloš Ranković (Czech Republic) Electron-induced processes in dielectric insulation gases

  • Nathan Garland (Australia) Rapidly exploring and designing electron transport quantities in dielectric gas insulator mixtures with approximation theories

  • Greg Boyle (Australia) Analysis of current waveforms in the pulsed-Townsend Experiment

  • Dale Muccignat (Australia) Advances in machine learning methods for the determination of electron scattering cross-section sets

  • Jacob Stephens (USA) Multi term Boltzmann models: Engineering Tools for the Pulsed Power Community

  • Luca Vialetto (USA) Particle propagation and electron transport in gases and plasmas

  • Satoru Kawaguchi (Japan) Physics-informed neural networks for studies on electron swarms in gases

  • Boya Zhang (China) Deriving Swarm Parameters from Ion Kinetics and Determining Collision Cross Sections through Data-Driven Methods for Eco-friendly Insulating Gase

  • Jaime de Urquijo (Mexico) Three-body electron attachment processes in H2O, CO2, and their mixtures

  • Marnik Metting Van Rijn (Switzerland) Electron scattering cross sections of 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane (R134a)

  • Nuno Pinhão (Portugal) Fitting of Electron Collision Cross Sections from Swarm Data using a Genetic Algorithm


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