1. Plenary
  • Xiao-Min Tong  (Japan), Theory on dynamics of atoms in strong laser field
  • Stephan Schlemmer (Germany), Missing ions in laboratory and space
  • Alicja Domarcka (France), Ion processing of molecular systems: a way to form complex systems in space
  • Gerhard G. Paulus (Germany), Extreme UV imaging with high harmonics
  • Carla Faria (United Kingdom), Exploring quantum effects in strong-field and attosecond science, but this may change.
  • Himadri Chakraborty (USA), Impact spectroscopy and chronoscopy of gas phase atoms, molecules and fullerenes
  • Jan van Dijk (Netherlands), LXCat 3 and Beyond – Fostering Reproducibility in Low-Temperature Plasma Science
  • Satoshi Hamaguchi (Japan), Opportunities and challenges in low-temperature plasma science for atomic-layer processing
  • Paola Marziani (Italy), Super-Eddington Quasars: from Atomic Physics to Cosmology
  • Andreja Gomboc (Slovenia), How stars get torn apart by supermassive black holes
  • Luca Volpe (Spain), Towards an European IFE program: Laser Fusion technology, science and related applications

2. Topical invited
  • Milan Radović (Switzerland), Pulse Laser Deposition and Advanced Spectroscopy: Key to Revealing Emerging Properties in Transition Metal Oxides
  • Christian Hill (United Kingdom), Atomic and Molecular Data Activities at the IAEA
  • Claudia Lazzaroni (France), Micro hollow cathode discharges in Ar/N2 used for boron nitride PECVD
  • Ugo Jacovella (France),         Exploring the importance of interstellar ions in the enigma of diffuse interstellar bands
  • Helgi Hrodmarsson (France), VUV photoionization of interstellar molecules: Making sense of our beautifully mysterious Universe molecule by molecule
  • Peter Papp (Slovakia), Ion induced reactions in IMS studied by DFT
  • Violeta Lazić (Italy), LIBS spectroscopy: what we can measure, and how?
  • Andrey Kaziev (Russia), title pending         
  • Nevena Puač (Serbia), Diagnostics and applications of atmospheric pressure plasmas for triggering of cell mechanisms
  • Peter Hartmann (Hungary), Using dust particles as probes in low pressure gas
  • Paul Maguire (United Kingdom), Liquid microdroplets in a microplasma: phenomena and technological applications
  • Miran Mozetič (Slovenia), Inactivation of viruses in water by plasma treatment
  • Nuno Pinhão (Portugal), Description of electron swarms in an electric field: a finite elements computation including third-order transport parameters
  • Marija Gorjanc (Slovenia), Plasma modification of textile fibers for adhesion improvement in bio-composites".
  • Mirjana Kostić (Serbia), Atmospheric pressure plasma in processing of celulose fibres: from surface cleaning to tailored properties
  • Chihiro Suzuki (Japan), Comprehensive Z dependence analysis of soft X-ray spectra from highly charged heavy ions using magnetically confined high-temperature plasmas
  • Miroslava Vukčević (Serbia), On the conditions for soliton formation in the galactic environment
  • Giovanni La Mura (Italy), Interstellar dust as a dynamic environment
  • Nikolai N. Bezuglov (Russia), Penning and photoionizations of cold Rydberg alkali metal atoms under Förster resonance conditions
  • Magdalena D. Christova (Bulgaria), Astrophysical applications of Stark broadening of spectral lines

3. Progress Reports
  • Danijela Danilovic (Serbia), Synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy study of the electronic structure of Ag-Bi-I rudorffite nanoparticles
  • Emilia Jasmiina Heikura (Germany), Distance dependent photoelectron circular dichroism after inner-shell ionization in se-butyl trimethylsilylether
  • Marine Fournier (France), Photoelectron spectroscopy of solvated biological interest molecule in liquid-jet configuration
  • Myriam Drissi (France), Photoelectron spectroscopy of radicals of astrochemical interest.
  • Daan Boer (Netherlands), title pending       
  • Hristina Delibašić Marković (Serbia), Characterizing Ionization and Electron Dynamics in Biological Materials: Theoretical and Numerical Insights into Pulsed Laser-Induced Breakdown Processes
  • Dino Habibović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Strong-field processes induced by ultrashort pulses with two carrier frequencies
  • Ivan Traparić (Serbia), Application of Machine Learning and Artificial Inteligence in Plasma Spectroscopy
  • Matthias Werl (Austria), Simulating the formation and de-excitation of hollow atoms by highly charged ion scattering on surfaces
  • Jasmina Atić (Serbia), Electron transport and negative ionization fronts in strongly attaching gases
  • Aleksandar Jovanović (Germany), Fluid modelling of single-filament DBD and self-pulsing discharges at atmospheric pressure using FEDM
  • Marjan Stankov (Germany), Analysis of dielectric barrier discharges in Ar-monomer mixtures using a standardized fluid modelling approach
  • Violeta Stanković Mališ (Serbia), Modeling the surface interaction of cellulosic materials with CO2  plasmas
  • Sanja Pavlović (Serbia), Thermal and acoustic properties of cellulose fibrous materials
  • Vladimir Zeković (Serbia), SLAMS-enhanced particle acceleration at high-Mach number astrophysical shocks: TeV in a blink of a supernova
  • Ivan Milić (Serbia), 3D plasma diagnostics of the lower solar atmosphere using high-resolution spectropolarimetric observations
  • Aleksandra Kolarski (Serbia), Properties of Earth's lower ionospheric plasma perturbed by solar flares
  • Felix Iacob (Romania), title pending
  • Petar Kostić (Serbia), Supernova remnants in clumpy medium: hydrodynamic and radio synchrotron evolution
  • Nikola Veselinovic (Serbia), Fluctuations in the Flux of Energetic Protons in Heliosphere before and during Sudden Decreases in Galactic Cosmic Ray Intensity
  • Olga Stepanova (Russia), Air –Plasma –Water Electrophysical System: prospects and problems
  • Valeriia Istokskaia (Czech Republic), About proton-Boron fusion using lasers
  • Laura Pille (Germany), Exploring biomolecular properties in the gas phase by using advanced light sources
  • Ana Kalinić (Serbia), Interaction of ions with graphene-insulator-graphene composite systems


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