Conference venue
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts,
Knez Mihajlova 35, Belgrade, Serbia

Directions to the Registration desk and Welcome cocktail will be shown at the main entrance of the Academy building.

The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts is the highest science and art institution in the Republic of Serbia. It develops and encourages science, organizes and promotes basic and applied scientific research, encourages and promotes artistic activity. The Academy is an institution of special national importance. Its members are elected based on the results of their research or artistic work.
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Belgrade (Beograd-its name in Serbian translates to White City) is the capital and the largest city in Serbia having about 2 million inhabitants. With 7000 year long history Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The city is situated on the Balkan Peninsula at the confluence of two international rivers, Sava and Danube. Due to favorable geographical position, Belgrade has been exposed to numerous invaders. Many civilizations have left their mark on the city.
Today, Belgrade is the capital of Serbian culture, education, science and economy. There are streets, squares, monuments, parks, drinking fountains, archeological sites and other cultural assets that deserve recommendation. With impressive views over the Danube and Sava rivers, the Belgrade Fortress and the Kalemegdan Park together represent a cultural monument of exceptional importance, the area where various sports and cultural events take place. Skadarlija, the old bohemian quarter is reminiscent of the late 19th and early 20th century time period in Belgrade. It was back then when its taverns and restaurants (the oldest and the most famous are legendary restaurants “Tri šešira”, “Ima dana” and “Dva jelena”) were a meeting place for many of the greatest figures of the cultural scene of the period. It is often compared with the Montmartre in Paris, both for its appearance and the cheerful, vigorous artists' atmosphere. Belgrade is famous for its exciting night life. One of the biggest tourist attractions in the summertime is Ada Ciganlija, an island on the river Sava, where one can go for a swim and also enjoy numerous sports and recreational facilities.

The official language is Serbian, while visitors from abroad can use English to communicate.


Dec 6 2023
First Announcement

Apr 12 2024
List of lectures

May 28 2024
Extended deadline for papers till 30th June

May 28 2024
Extended deadline for early registration till 30th June

July 19 2024
Second Announcement
and short programme

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